Namibia is truly a nation of contrasts. This land that seems so vast and barren is bristling with natural wonders, its air alive and deeply enchanting. Here, as if dropped down pre-fabricated from the sky, perfect replicas of German towns occupy stunning real estate at the foot of great dunes. Not far from the half-timber houses adorned with neat gardens one finds ancient rock art, evidence of the people who first inhabited the land and whose spirit still permeates the air. Areas of burning red desert sharply juxtapose neighboring regions abounding in fertile greenery. With its pervasive and fascinating diversity, Namibia presents a travel opportunity unlike anything else on Earth.

The geographical and functional heart of Namibia, the capital city of Windhoek is an appealing place to spend some time en route to or from the wilder and more remote regions of the country. North of Windhoek lies a vast expanse of bush and grassland, Etosha National Park. Full of wildlife, it is an ideal place to get a taste of that classic safari experience.

Protruding into the east, the Caprivi region is a verdant Namibian anomaly, refreshingly distinct in this largely desertous country.

Endless and untamed, Northern Namibia is dominated by the great wildernesses of Kaokoveld, Damaraland, and the Skeleton Coast. Further south, along the central coastline where massive dunes fall into the cold Atlantic, sits the convivial city of Swakopmund.

Southern Namibia boasts some of the nation’s most renowned attractions, including Sossusvlei and Fish River Canyon.