At FLOW Africa Safaris we believe that traveling should be an experience that encourages you to discover new aspects of the world and, in turn, of yourself. There is no better place for this than Africa - the heartland of adventure.

What distinguishes FLOW Africa Safaris?

Exceptional expertise

Our team is a vibrant group of enthusiastic travelers and knowledgeable African connoisseurs. Experts in the art of venture and the pursuit of discovery, we are dedicated to sharing this passion with our clients in a professional and attentive manner.

Invaluable know-how

Our own adventures have brought us unrivaled know-how and great relationships with various experts as well as communities of local people. We guarantee that you will experience places and events as no other tour operator can offer. Our trips include the classic highlights of each destination that shouldn’t be missed, but they also feature elements and activities that are unique to our know-how, giving you a profound journey with a sense of character. Even popular exotic destinations will surprise you with completely new and exciting aspects.

Client-oriented thinking

In order to prepare trips with creativity and flexibility, we listen to our clients’ individual needs throughout the planning process and once the journey is underway. We compose adventures for individuals with diverse goals, demands, and aspirations. FLOW Africa Safaris does not run programs on military schedules; we allow room for you to discover and experience Africa the way you wish to do so.

Business conscientiousness

Our honesty and partnership mindset provides service standards at the highest level. Each journey is individually and thoroughly arranged with attention to detail and with respect to safety precautions. When you travel with FLOW Africa Safaris the adventure will be for you and not your pocketbook. We have no hidden costs, no fine print, and no unwelcome surprises after your arrival.

Our own fleet in Africa

Our office in Nairobi offers high-class, all-terrain vehicles, minivans, as well as private airplanes and single engine aircraft. Our drivers are licensed and experienced with different road conditions, always friendly and smiling!