Greg is a traveler and climber who has conquered peaks such as Mt. McKinley, Mt. Aconcagua, Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. Kenya, Mt. Blanc, and Mt. Margherita - Ruwenzori. He has explored for many years the wilderness of Africa and other world regions. He lived for some time with the Maasai and has developed a special relationship with them. Granted friendship and respect, he was accepted as a member of the Maasai community. He has numerous friends among the traditional tribes inhabiting the Dawn of the World - the desert areas of Lake Turkana and the yet-to-be charted regions of northern Namibia. He has authored many publications about East African traditions and cultures. Greg is a member and one of the European representatives of the East African Wild Life Society and the Wild Clubs of Kenya. Founder of FLOW Africa Safaris, lives in Kenya, which he calls his true homeland.


Graduated from the department of African languages and cultures (major: suahili language). She is totally absorbed in her work and likes investing her energy in unusual projects. That is why she likes combining her travel with voluntary work for local communities. She taught English in a village at the bottom of Kilimanjaro and worked with children in a refugee camp in Kakuma in Kenya. 184cm tall, she has a “vista” of the whole Africa, and no detail can escape her notice. She feels uneasy in cramped conditions. It is the open, boundless space of the north of Kenya which is her true passion.

FLOW Africa SAFARIS drivers

All FLOW Africa Safaris drivers are licensed and qualified to drive our high-class, all-terrain vehicles - Toyota Land Cruisers, Land Rovers and Minibuses. They are professional and experienced to handle all road conditions. All our drivers are multilingual,friendly and carry mobile phones at all times


Agnes is a geographer specializing in the tourist aspect of this science. Her business experience and contacts enable her to prepare fabulous incentive trips. She is very active and full of ideas. Her travels have brought her in contact with diverse people, environments and architecture. Agnes is thoroughly convinced that the beauty of our world comes from its diversity and that's what she want to see, come to know and share with others.


Always a favourite of our Eastern African program, our Masai Team offer a connection to the fascinating wonders of the wild and beauty of nature and simplicity. They are authentic facilitators of a unique,cultural experience and are commited to living in harmony with the environment, wildlife and other communities.

Not only are they extraordinary in their ecological and cultural intersts, but are important in bringing an opportunity for tourism development to their communities.