Protecting the environment and resident

We make it a priority to conduct all of our activities with minimal environmental impact. FLOW Africa Safaris is taking steps to reduce our net emissions and get involved with carbon offsetting projects that help fund clean energy projects around the world.

Also of major concern is the impact of human presence on the resident wildlife. We believe that when done properly, tourist activities can exert positive effects on an ecosystem and its inhabitants. Tourism revenue encourages governments to prioritize environmental preservation programs, establishment and maintenance of parks and reserves. Whenever possible, FLOW Africa Safaris supports small eco-lodges run on privately-owned land that have become front runners in the conservation movement, serving as important wildlife refuges.

We make every effort to use parks and resources responsibly by practicing 'Leave No Trace' ethics and regularly lend financial support and enthusiastic participation in notable conservation initiatives. For years, FLOW Africa Safaris has served as a dedicated member of the East African Wild Life Society which has for the last half century been initiating and supporting initiatives to protect East African wildlife. We also strongly support Rhino Ark Foundation - an exceptional environmental project with the goal of protecting the Aberdare National Park and the population of black rhinoceros threatened with extinction and AAR Backmann Trust, founded by our great friend Maryjka Beckmann. Its main aim is to improve living conditions and to provide basic health care to the poorest Kenyan families.

Promoting sustainable development and cross-cultural exchange

While environmental preservation remains one of our foremost concerns, we also understand the significance of our interaction with local people. FLOW Africa Safaris recognizes that globalization and the blending of distinct cultures is an inevitable event, and we believe that initiating respectful cross-cultural exchange will help establish a positive way forward for this process. The endurance of ancient cultural traditions and customs is one of the most remarkable features of Africa, and something we strive to share with our clients in an authentic manner. In order to create a cultural learning experience, and not a human safari, we prioritize awareness and respect of cultural norms, practices, and sovereignty. Small eco-lodges that we support are usually in close partnerships with local communities, and are an important source of income for populations which have suffered as a result of hunting and grazing restrictions.